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Reporting Claims   

All workplace injuries must be reported to BrickStreet by the policyholder as quickly as possible, ideally, within 24 hours of learning of the injury.

Reporting injuries early helps everyone involved. It helps the policyholder by keeping claims costs and, ultimately, premiums down. It helps the injured worker by allowing the claims adjuster to make faster decisions, getting them the medical care they need in order to return to work. It helps BrickStreet by knowing how to react and who we need to involve in the 360° team approach. Finally, it helps the system in general by cutting down on potential problems associated with unmanaged claims.

Avenues for policyholders to report claims are as follows:

1.   Electronically through StreetConnect. Contact your BrickStreet representative for information about becoming a StreetConnect user.
2.   Telephone: call 866.45BRICK (866.452.7425), select “policyholder” and option 1.
3.   Sending the First Report of Injury as an email attachment to:  Visit the specific jurisdiction's website to obtain the First Report of Injury form. 
4.   Faxing the First Report of Injury to 877.293.5513 or 304.941.1151.

If you have a StreetConnect account, you also can click the Virtual Claims Kit link, choose the appropriate carrier and jurisdiction and locate the correct form.

Injured employees should seek the fastest emergency care available. In a non-emergency situation, the employer should help the injured employee locate a physician from our medical provider network or provide them with a preselected panel where the jurisdiction permits.

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