FAQs: Government Relations 

What is an Ombudsman?
Many private companies today have an ombudsman department. An ombudsman (sometimes called "ombud," "ombuds," "ombuds officers" or "ombudsperson") is someone charged with representing the interests of the public by informally conducting impartial investigations about complaints, from a neutral and independent viewpoint. A corporate ombudsman may recommend alternative options or resolutions but does not have the authority to reverse decisions. One important function of an Ombudsman is to determine resolutions and make recommended updates to policies or procedures in support of orderly system changes. This process helps eliminate duplicate complaints of similar issues.

What are some of the goals and objectives of the Government Relations/ Ombudsman department?

  • Conduct speaking engagements for stakeholders, chambers and other organizations requesting information about BrickStreet and workers' compensation;

  • Research issues from policyholders, claimants and elected officials;

  • Act as the liaison for BrickStreet's direct-write policyholders, i.e. government accounts;

  • Work directly with the Offices of the Insurance Commissioner and other entities to resolve issues affecting the workers' compensation industry;

  • Assist Corporate Affairs with the e-newsletter Insights by gathering materials and articles related to BrickStreet on a weekly basis;

  • Coordinate the corporate volunteer programs offered to BrickStreet employees;

  • Promote the superior products and services that BrickStreet offers its policyholders and claimants; and

  • Continue the positive public relations to our internal and external customers.