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BrickStreet Insurance is committed to the fight against potential workers' compensation fraud.

Workers' compensation fraud increases the cost of doing business. It affects business profits, salaries, raises and can force businesses to shut their doors. We all pay.  

What is Considered Fraud?
Workers' compensation fraud occurs when someone makes false statements or conceals information in order to receive workers' compensation benefits or to lower workers' compensation premiums. Some examples of workers' compensation fraud include:  

  • employees who exaggerate the extent of an injury
  • health care providers who bill for services that were not rendered or who prescribe tests or treatments that are not related to the work injury
  • employers who pay cash wages or who intentionally under-report payroll or misclassify employees in order to reduce premiums

How to Report
If you suspect workers' compensation fraud, report it. Call us toll free, complete the Referral Form or email BrickStreet will maintain confidentiality and/or anonymity for any parties involved to the fullest extent of the law.

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